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commissions 16-12-2018

Posted by oozenzyme - December 16th, 2018

You were asking so here it is (^ω^)
-Send me a mail if you have any questions.
at: oozenzyme@hotmail.com

My pricings are depending on the level of difficulty of the piece you want me to paint/draw ,so:

A) -Sketch—
Bust: 5€
Knees-up: 8€
Full Body: 10€

+Cell Shaded(per character)+ 2€
+Flat Colors(per Character)+ 2€
+additional characters +5€ each
+complex pose & angle + 5€

B) -Lines-–
Bust: 12€
Knees-up: 15€
Full Body: 20€

+Cell Shaded(per Character) + 5€
+Flat Colors(per Character) +5
+additional characters + 10€ each
+complex pose & angle + 5€

C)-Fully Rendered & Shaded—
Bust: 20€
Knees-up: 30€
Full Body: 35€

+additional characters+ 20€ each
+complex pose & angle + 10€

D) -Extra Stuff!—

+Concept Art= +5-30€ (based on the lvl of difficulty) 
+Background = +20€ for complex background
+€ for extra complex characters, poses and backgrounds


*For everything else the pricing is based on the level of difficulty as well.

REFERENCE!  <<<< (*0*)oh!
By sending me a reference of the pose/character/landscape/etc you want you make things easier aaaand faster!  
-So please be a dear and send those refs! (^v^) !


Last, I wont draw stuff that makes me puke :) … as well as puke!
which concludes : scat,pedo,gore and all that kind of stuff! 

-Payment Method:

Full payment upfront, I accept PayPal or Credit Card.

-Time Frame:

About 3 weeks from payment (depends on lvl of difficulty)


After the commission has been accepted and paid I’ll start on an initial preview sketch, changes to the drawing structure can only be done at this point, so please check the sketch carefully for anything that’s not to your taste so we can discuss how to change it.

     ( 3 drafts are included in the price ,after that its 2-5 euros per draft )

After that I will finish the pic. I can provide you with work in progress snapshots of the pic during this time if you choose. I’ll send you an update when the definitive linework is done and another when the flat colors are done – this is before the shading detailing – at this point any colors can be changed if you don’t like them. No color changes can be done after the piece is complete.


Digital only! I’ll send a high resolution JPEG or PNG copy of the file through e-mail or Drive link. I can also send you a low resolution copy of the PSD file, ask if you are interested.
      -I have an idea on how to get your commission printed via “amazon print on demand” but I haven’t test it yet :/


-By commissioning me you acknowledge that, as the artist, I retain full rights over the created image to profit from, alter and post when and wherever I want, without need of prior notice or authorization.

-Commissions are for personal use. Commercial use (meaning the art you are commissioning is intended to be sold for profit of any kind) is an additional $100 to your order.


I reserve the right to cancel/terminate a commission at any time I see fit, or refuse working for any person at any time – the motives for cancellation include (but are not limited to) poor communication, inability to cooperate and inappropriate behavior.

After the payment has been made, a full refund will only be given for a good reason, a case in which the commission cannot be completed due to my fault or miscalculation, for example. Other than that, If a refund needs to happen, I will return an approximation relative to the work done for the client. (I will have to account for time spent on the commission) If work hasn’t progressed further than a sketch, I’ll only deduct a minor fee.

There are no refunds after the work has been completed.

Please reply to any message within a 24 hour period! I’ll consider you gave up the commission if you leave a message unanswered for more than a full day without prior notice – likewise, in the interest of time, if you already made the payment and leave my messages unanswered, I’ll have to finish and post the commission without your feedback.


-(Prices are in euro € and may change in time.)
-There’s stuff that I won’t draw…I’ll let you know when asked.

-If you have any questions you can contact me at: oozenzyme@hotmail.com

-Thanks for your preference!